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Such a lovely day!

Sunday 27th December 2009 17:17

Well, although Sundays are normally spent walking the dog along a beach somewhere, today, being the 27th December was the first day of the sale in the shop. Well.....what happened to time today? Did it miss a few hours? All I can say, is that 11-4 went in a total flash...and the day was filled with lovely ladies, all having fun, and nearly all treating themselves to lovely clothes.
Aldo has sat on innumerable laps, and he has had a lot of attention too, so we have all come home happy.
Tonight, I am going to e-mail all the suppliers who will be delivering Spring Collections, and am going to plead with them to release whatever stock is available, right now....we are certainly ready for the goods!

Boxing Day

Saturday 26th December 2009 14:20

Well, we have no visitors today, and no cooking to as the sun was shining and the temperature still mild, we headed off to Dunwich Heath for a walk with Aldo. Loads of people were doing the same, and Aldo had a great time running around with all the other dogs!

Then, for an extra special treat, we decided to wash the car!! Amazing, it was new in September, and this was its first wash and scrub up! How bad is that? So again it looks lovely and shiny!

And now, I am heading back to Norwich to go to work for a couple of hours...we have rather a lot to do before the Sale commences tomorrow, so rather than start off the day in a muddle, we are going to get ahead of ourselves this afternoon! How virtuous

Christmas Day

Friday 25th December 2009 13:44

Started off a bit strangely as we were woken by our son phoning to wish us Christmas greetings and to see if we liked our presents! Which we had not yet opened....we hastily put the phone down from him, only to get the same call from Becky, to ask us the same question! So we had to jump up, get a cup of tea brewed and sort our our Christmas gifts! And fast! We are now well geared up with reading books and acrylic paints which is great, especially at the rate I am knocking out second rate pictures these days!

Having got up and organised, we popped to see my brother...but inadvertantly walked in on a huge morning party, so luckily we were just in time for champagne and canapes! Then we set off to Southwold to walk along the promenade there, with Aldo...and loads of people were doing the sunny and relatively mild, after the bitter weather we have had recently.

Now, it is time to hoover up the house, mop the floor from the many little cat foot prints on my kitchen floor, and then start thinking about roasting a goose. Clive is fiddling around trying to get skype working, and then we can call up some friends and rellies, in Spain and the US....

Clive and I really hope that Christmas day is going well for all readers....the sale seems to be going if you are intending to browse through the goodies on offer, dont leave it too late!
Bye for now!

Phew! The SALE is upon us!

Thursday 24th December 2009 17:53

The long awaited, and very welcome sale has started today. With prices reduced mainly by 40% across the board, with a few sprinklings of 50% on the more expensive Rundholz Main collection.

As is usual, this is all clearly visible on the website, and all orders will be gathered together over the holidays, and posted out the first day the postmen come back to work which is Tuesday 29th Dec, for next day delivery.

We are very lucky and have had a great Autumn Season, but there are still lovely items to find, from luxurious cashmere to simple please do check it out.

We'll be answering all e-mails as they arrive over Christmas, and will be back at work on Sunday 27th at the shop, 11am until 4pm.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over 2009, and 2010 is a very special year as it is the 20th year that there has been a Walkers! So much celebrating to look forward too!

I'm dead nosey!

Wednesday 23rd December 2009 15:37

Every customer in the shop recently has been asked by me, what they are cooking for Christmas Dinner (only when the conversation turned to Christmassy things!)
And I can report, that to date only one person is cooking Turkey! There have been several 'ribs of beef', several geese, a cockerel, wild boar, and pheasants! I'm amazed at the diversity, and enthusiasm that that single question has evoked...and the passion! Lots of family arriving from all corners of the world, and other people sharing cooking duties by taking their share of the feast with them, to other peoples homes.
It all sounds wonderful....and I too am looking forward to demolishing our little goose.
Tomorrow, we will be putting the SALE onto the stock properly...lots more incredible bargains will be showing, so keep an eye out!
This just leaves me to wish all readers of my humble blog, a wonderful Christmas, and more importantly, a Healthy and Happy, and hopefully Prosperous New Year.

Clive and I will be working all over any questions you have regarding the sale, just ask away, and we will get back to you right away...and for those local customers...we will be back to work on Sunday 27th December at 11am-4pm. Post will be despatched on Tuesday 29th for Wed 30th delivery.

Best wishes, and all that jazz...
Anne Clive and Aldo xxx

Different currencies on the website.

Tuesday 22nd December 2009 13:45

We are in negotiations with HSBC to get permission to offer for sale, our stock in US$ and Euro's. What will happen, is once a person tries to get into the shopping section, she will be asked which country and which currency applies to her. Then, if say she is US based, the price of the garment will be shown which excludes UK VAT and is in US$.

This should be really helpful to our many US clients....however, we are still waiting for the necessary permissions to be granted. Hopefully this will not be too long.

We are expecting a delivery from Flax either today or tomorrow....and if we can, we will get this online as quickly as possible. The collection will be linen...and perfect if you have out of season Sunshine Holidays to go on in the New Year.

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